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Doing Strong Business

OCH is a business consulting group dedicated to making its clients' businesses;our companies have high-level professionals who accompany entrepreneurs to develop and achieve highest potential of their organizations,, con las mejores herramientas, conocimientos actualizados y amplia experiencia, todo desde la prestación de servicios especializados en las áreas: Financiera, Legal, Contable, Tributaria, Gerencial, de Mercadeo, de Riesgos y tecnología y de Auditoría y Revisoría Fiscal. 

In each of these areas, our clients have specialised companies that are part of OCH and that, beyond providing a service, constitute a team with extensive knowledge of their area of work,to make our clients' businesses strong, based not only on knowledge and experience,but also on integrity that comes from having several expert companies with high-level professionals to solve problems and even turn them into opportunities.

We are convinced that our main value is people,professionals with a knowledge that goes beyond information and uses experience and creativity to solve business challenges, teaming up with our clients and their organisations to achieve their goals and achieve stronger and stronger businesses..

Our efforts are aimed at achieving financial, legal, tax and management security and peace of mind for organisations, who rely on us, our tools, processes and procedures every day, to focus on their business core and allow company growth under strong strategic, legal and administrative bases, hand in hand with OCH's experts.

OCH Integridad y trabajo en equipo

We are independent members of GGI - Geneva Group International, the second largest network of independent firms in the world, with more than 600 member firms in 126 countries,which allows us to provide services worldwide; however, one of our attributes and fundamental pillar, is that we always have personal attention of our partners and managers or permanent advice in each project, which really adds value to our clients.

Today, OCH is a leader in Colombia in some of its service lines, such as Forensic Accounting, in which our firm is the most important reference and doctrine in Colombia,with more than 200 expert opinions in the most emblematic processes, in national and international arbitration tribunals.

The Innovation and transformation are part of OCH's DNA,which has made our firm a relevant group in the provision of services for senior management, in strategic business lines that complement each other such as: risk and technology; legal, tax and accounting; strategic and marketing; transactions and finance; lawsuits and claims; allowing our clients to always have an ally in all business world challenges.     

Always approaching each project or consultancy with integrity, respect, honesty, dedication, effort and love for knowledge,values that represent us.



Cesar Mauricio Ochoa P.

Public Accountant - Lawyer


OCH Foto de Perfil Juan Camilo Franco

Juan Camilo Franco C.




Germán Camilo Ochoa P.

Public accountant



José Rodrigo Castro F.

Public accountant



Andrés Felipe Ochoa P.

Administrator Engineer



Elkin Salazar H.

Industrial Economist



Farley Orestes Zuluaga C.

Public accountant



Angela María Restrepo

Public accountant



Yudy Andrea Giraldo

Public accountant


OCH Seminario Daniel Diosa

Daniel Diosa Martínez

Abogado – Contador Público


OCH Group Jorge Ochoa Foto de Perfil

Jorge Andrés Ochoa Yepes

Ingeniero Civil




Yakeline Zapata Cárdenas

Public accountant


Yuly Yohana Garay

Abogada - Contadora Pública


Mayra Alejandra Duque Morales

Public accountant

OCH Gerente Stephanía Cifuentes

Stephania Cifuentes Agredo


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OCH Gerente Yovan Saavedra

Yovan Saavedra Cabrejo

Public accountant

OCH Gerente Andrés de la Ossa

Andrés De La Ossa Marín

Administrador de Empresas